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Photo: First day rural mail carriers went out to their routes, 1890


The New Prague Area Historical Society was formed in 1981 

by a group of individuals who were passionate about preserving and sharing area history. Since then, the historical society has been an active and integral part of the community.

Your patron dollars are important to us!  We are a volunteer organization that depends on the generosity of an engaged public. This past year, we have used your support by:

  • purchasing scanning and recording equipment to digitalize our artifacts as well as documenting historians speaking about our local history.

  • creating this brand new website to share our collections with the public and enabling online giving.

  • collaborating with a local professional to develop an enhanced video project to share the early history of New Prague.  This will be available this fall.

With your continued support, we can carry on the important work of preserving and sharing the rich history of our communities with you.  Please consider becoming a patron today to enable us to continue our mission!   


City of New Prague Historic Context Study



The New Prague, Veseli, Montgomery area is more than just where I reside.  It is where I have found a community with deep roots.  It was home to my parents, grandparents and great grandparents before me.  Their lives matter.  This community formed me as a child and affirms me as an adult.  It is a place of my church and all the civic organizations in which my family participated.  The history of this place defines me and those around me as well as the values my people nurtured.  Preserving this history preserves the stories of the journey from Bohemia as well as the last century and a half that brings us to today.  That’s why I support the New Prague Area Historical Society.  It helps preserve the stories of all those who came before and the events that make this place my home.  We all have stories, and they are the roots of this place we call home.

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