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In 1856, a German immigrant by the name of Anton Phillip purchased 160 acres of land in what is now New Prague.

Within a few months, he sold tracks of land to Bohemian families immigrating into the area. Surnames of these families include Vrtis, Borak, Hanzel, Stepka, and Bruzek. These Bohemian ancestors attracted more of their fellow countrymen and by the late 1800's,

New Prague became the center of 'The Bohemian Triangle'. These families are the beginning of our history as settlers to this area

and we continue to remember their lives and document the histories of many that have followed up to our present-day inhabitants.

Here are photographs from our collection depicting life in the New Prague area over the years.

New Prague Main Street 1870?

1870?, Earliest known picture of New Prague's Main Street.

City Hall 1885?

1885?, Eight Firemen and Hose Cart in Front of City Hall in New Prague.

Main Street 1890?

1890?, West View of New Prague Main Street with a boy, buggies and buildings.

New Prague School 1900

1900, Group portrait of 40 school children at their desks with their teacher.

Baseball Team 1906

1906, Group portrait of the Seal of Minnesota Baseball Team.

Duck hunting in 1912

1912, View of three duck hunters with a hunting dog, ducks and an early automobile.

Men Playing Cards

Date unknown, Men playing cards.

Layne's Pharmacy, New Prague, 1925

1925, Layne's Pharmacy and interior in New Prague with pharmacy with pharmacists Rose and George Layne.

Robin Hood Flour Mill 1930?

1930?, Exterior view of the Robin Hood Flour Mill Business site.

Grilling in Memorial Park

1940?, Man grilling on wood kitchen range in New Prague on Memorial Park.

Bartyzal Saloon, New Prague

1936, Interior view of the Bartyzal Bar with men standing at the bar. Spitoons are visible.

Parade 1941

1941, New Prague Sokol members in parade float pulled by oxen. The parade commemorated the Golden Anniversary of the Katolicky Delinik (Catholic Workman) in New Prague.

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