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Sweet rolls, or kolacky as they are commonly called in the New Prague area, have been a staple in our ethnic cuisine since the first settlers came to the New Prague area. They were commonly made open-faced by local women and were called Festival Buns. They were served at weddings and parties, which were often held at home, on the farm. Over the years, it was found that the kolacky stayed fresher longer when they were folded in and thus became the more traditional kolacky we now know. Below, Linda Dvorak shares recipes from the New Prague Area Historical Society's sponsored baking classes led by Josie Hanzel from years ago. When the cold Minnesota weather sets in, this heritage recipe for sweet rolls is guaranteed to warm the hearts of your loved ones. Happy baking!


Before there were commercial kolacky fillings in the grocery store, one had to make them themselves. Poppyseeds needed to be ground and fruits needed to be stewed and cooked down. Once your sweet or savory filling was just right, then it could be placed in the dough and set to rise. Below, Dennis and Linda Dvorak show us how they make poppyseed filling. They are using Linda's grandfather, John F. Novak's, grinder to grind their poppyseeds. Linda recalls her grandfather growing his own poppyseeds in the garden and grinding them in this grinder when she was a child. In later years, Linda's mother would purchase freshly ground poppyseed from Mach's to use in her poppyseed filling. To make your own poppyseed filling, follow the recipe below!

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