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We’re excited to present our Settlement of New Prague: Flyover series which depicts how a small group of settlers on the advice of Bishop Cretin ventured the Mississippi River only to take a wrong turn to the Minnesota River to Sand Creek just north of Jordan. They followed Sand Creek 10 or so miles before coming across Anton Phillip’s cabin. The rest, as they say, is history.

With the help of Adam Bartusek of Bartusek Media Management, you’ll get to experience the primitive creek those settlers experienced, along with some important spots along the creek and a tributary of Raven Stream that helped define New Prague. Throughout the videos, Dennis Dvorak, New Prague’s resident historian, provides interesting insight into those locations. Finally, we include a map of the area identifying those locations relative to the city and a longer version of Dennis’ narration providing additional information.

We recognize this project brings to light just a small sliver of the settlement of the area and its history. We hope to create additional projects like this for our website, our social media platforms, and in person meetings.

Please consider joining or renewing your membership. Your $25 annual membership fee goes a long way to creating more of these projects, and especially if you encourage others to join as well. Outright donations, either monetarily, historical content, or other ways would also be greatly appreciated.

After viewing these videos, please take a scroll through our new website, like us on Facebook, and spread the word about bringing OUR History to Life!!


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