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Preserving History & Digitalization our collection is our most vital ongoing project, as it allows us to maintain our mission of preserving and sharing history with you and future generations! 


Your donation to this need would cover expenses included in, but not limited to: 

  • Purchasing photo sleeves to keep our photographs safe
  • Purchasing storage boxes for archives to assure they are safely stored
  • Purchasing display cases as future needs arise in this area as a way to increase the visibility of our collection
  • Scanning our photographs to digitalize them 
  • Taking photographs of our archives 
  • Purchasing backup storage and an external hard drive for digital storage 
  • Working towards determining a collections management software which includes an undetermined, but large start-up cost, possible staffing to complete a portion of the scanning and cataloging, and an annual fee.
    • This is a long-term goal, as it is a significant undertaking, but we are working towards it step-by-step.

Preserving History & Digitalizing Our Collection $500

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